Press releases, corporate brochures, product data sheets, ad copy, trade magazine articles, whitepapers, technical reports, user manuals, textbooks, instructor guides, scriptwriting, blogs, social media.

Video Production

Design to distribution services which include: conception, scriptwriting, casting, location scouting, producing, shooting, directing, editing, file conversion, uploading and distribution.

Production services for sales, marketing, training, PR or internal communication purposes.

Shooting HD video for news networks, corporations, non-profits, educational institutions, and hospitals. 

Shooting HD video or film for artists, independent filmmakers, actors, models and musicians.

Video editing.

Video recording for vlogs, webisodes, viral video, how-to, executive interviews, web series, HD YouTube and HD Vimeo.


Video-based, text-based, audio-based or web-based training courses for managers, sales representatives, employees or customers.

Project Management

Complete project management services for technically complex events, product introductions, political campaigns, celebrity events or trade shows.


High-resolution still photography of products, people, places and events.

Distance Learning

Design and development of web-based online courses for high schools, colleges, universities and corporations

Public Relations

Media relations, crisis management, social media management, events and tours.

Work Samples